Peter Jones convenes dialogue in person, and occasionally uses the tools of our times. While blog is not dialogue, I aim for the possibility that these ideas and monologues become dialogues over time, with your participation.

My commitments include:

Managing Principal, Redesign Research, Dayton, Toronto
Managing Partner, Dialogic Design International
Board Member, Institute for 21st Century Agoras
Partner (& husband to the boss of) Playthink

Redesign Research is a consulting practice for user experience research, information product design, & innovation strategy.


Our projects usually leverage field and cognitive research into the professional work practices of users, to gain understanding and inform design of market-leading information products.

Strategic consulting is informed firms (CSC, TASC, Origin) and management research has :

  • Organizational / management consulting
  • Technical & management education,
  • Product development and strategy

Publications: Team Design: A Practitioner’s Guide to Collaborative Innovation (1998/2002), a handbook for coordinators and facilitators of participatory design and development processes.
My approach to dialogic design in business draws on over a decade of research into the issues of business innovation and organizational change, with a strong focus on developing sustainable “organic” practices in organizations. I have recent scholarly research on socializing organizational strategy, arguing for empirical and social alternatives to top-down “strategic alignment.”
In 2000, I completed my Union Institute dissertation, which identified key organizational dynamics of embedded values in innovation processes. This foundation continues as the basis for continuing research and advising in socialization of process and values leadership.
At the Union I was privileged to intern with Aleco Christakis, co-founder of Interactive Management, and serve as managing partner in our Dialogic Design venture. We promote a streamlined approach to structured dialogue using Structured Dialogic Design for dialogue-based social and systemic design. With its roots in the Club of Rome dialogues, SDD is uniquely oriented toward whole-system problem-solving, design, and action planning. See more at: DDI, LLC

In close proximity:


One Comment on “ABOUT”

  1. Hi Peter

    I’m a fellow Toronto guy with similar interests in solutions for participatory democracy. Specifically I have designed and demonstrated a new process called Advanced Dotmocracy…
    I’ve given workshops at the Centre for Social Innovation (know them?) at 215 Spadina, and several other events in and around Toronto.

    I know a few other progressive organizations have started to use my dotmocracy materials, maybe you have seen it in action?

    I’m currently trying to get the word out about this process and the free handbook on how to facilitate it. I’m hoping you might pass on the link in your blog and maybe else where. Maybe you could use the process in your work for deliberative design?

    I’m currently in Venezuela doing research on the Communal Councils here and working to craft and popularize a version of dotmocracy for their citizen assembly based local governance. Its quite exciting and challenging.
    ¿Como mejorariamos nuestra comunidad?

    Maybe when I get back this fall we can chat in person?

    In any case, cheers to working the good work!


    PS I’m on LinkedIn if you want to connect.

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